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Here is what folks are saying about 
Janie's Jumpstart!

Thank you for a most wonderful​ day. Janie, you are a fantastic instructor. And, I love your sound ... intuitive with a very expressive power. Again, many thanks for an amazing day.  Sandy Altenberg-fiddle (Seattle WA Jumpstart)

The Jumpstart approach is really a fabulous way to learn by spending quality immersion time with the best teachers and students! The location was ideal and of course the food was amazing.  I really enjoyed the small class size and intimate approach. I've been to the big banjo camps and after Jumpstart I'm focusing on looking forward to keeping thing small. Ted Klein-clawhammer banjo (Oxford PA Jumpstart)


I have been to many workshops; most have not been especially helpful.  I would leave the workshop with a few new tunes, but without new fiddling insights.  They would be a pretty good social experience, but frankly not such a great learning experience. Ever the optimist, I enrolled in Janie’s Jumpstart workshop in Seattle last year.  And I’m way glad I did!  I had Jane in a small class, with copious personal attention (she would see and correct playing problems right away).  And she would teach tunes with an emphasis on technique and how to really “fiddle” them (not just follow after a teacher).  I am already a much better fiddler, after just a couple of months.  And I practice her lessons every day; it will take me at least a year to learn all the things she taught me in one weekend.  This is a great workshop and a breakthrough experience.  I will definitely attend again when I can.  Jeff Bialer-fiddle (Seattle WA Jumpstart)




“Janie has shown me how to pull the melody out of old time tunes on my banjo… to make them less busy and more musical. I had developed some poor habits throwing every banjo cliché I ever learned into each tune I played.  Janie showed me how to strip out all of the unnecessary stuff… to concentrate on the melody and rhythm which ultimately “pops” the tunes and makes them more beautiful.”  Tim Wade-clawhammer banjo (Doylestown, PA)




I can't imagine a more ideal immersion into the old-time tradition than one of Janie's Jumpstart weekends. The collection of talented instructors, the small class size, the jamming opportunities, the bucolic setting, the great food -- see for yourselves. You'll learn a lot and have a ton of fun.  Paul O'Connor-clawhammer banjo (Oxford, PA Jumpstart)



Janie came highly recommended so I had high expectations.  They were met and exceeded.  I've been playing fiddle for years, trying to learn from books and the internet.  After Janie showed me the proper way to hold the fiddle and bow, and proper bowing technique, all those tunes I know became so much easier to play.  Then she showed me the most important thing about playing any instrument; the difference between playing notes and making music.  And the whole time I never feel like I'm taking lessons.  I feel like I'm just hanging out playing music and learning new things.  Most importantly, I'm excited about learning because it has become fun again.

Jamie McCracken- Janie's Fiddle student



The York weekend was a BLAST! It was great meeting like-minded folkies and the setting was gorgeous. Thanks Gill and Suzanne for hosting. Janie's a great teacher.  Kathleen Davis-fiddle (York, PA Jumpstart)


It was a perfect day. I enjoyed the classes, socializing, jams & concerts. What a great idea Jane. If you have an opportunity to take a jumpstart course you should. Kristen Young-fiddle  (York, PA Jumpstart)


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