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Intermediate Old Time Fiddle

with Palmer Loux


Palmers class is for fiddle players who are at the intermediate level and have some experience playing in multiple keys (G, D, A, C) and are looking to improve their technique,rhythm and overall musicality. You will be feasting on American Old Time tunes from Palmers favorite fiddlers and mentors from North Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri, West Virginia and Tennessee.  Besides learning tunes, she will share some tips on left and right hand techniques to help with tone production and phrasing as well as comfort and mobility on the fiddle and the bow. We will deconstruct tunes from Lee Triplett, J.P. Fraley, Arthur Smith, Kenny Baker and yes, maybe even Ed Haley!  Her goal for this class is to have students get comfortable with their notes up and down the fiddle neck, produce better tone and enjoy some different tunes whether playing solo or in a jam setting. 


It would be a good idea to make sure your fiddle and bow are in good working order. We will be doing some cross tuning, so it would be a good idea for pegs and tuners to work well.  An extra set of strings is a good idea.  Everyone should bring their own tuner and feel comfortable adjusting their strings. Most importantly, we will be learning by ear so a recording device is a must.


Palmer looks forward to sharing some Old Time tunes from her eclectic repertoire!  


Helpful Hints/Things to Bring and Do before Jumpstart

  • Please make sure that your instrument is set up nicely to play, new strings, etc. so you can get the most out of the class​

  • Electronic Tuner

  • Make sure that your callouses are in "good" shape and play daily for 3-4 weeks prior to camp (no dishwashing!)

  • Notepad and writing utensil

  • Recording device (video or sound recorder) essential



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