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Portland Old Time Music Camp


Nov 8-10, 2019

Intermediate-Advanced Fiddle with Janie Rothfield 
This class is for intermediate-advanced level players with 3 or more years experience playing and who can play at a medium speed in a jam.   Janie  will concentrate on a variety of old time bowings, different rhythms, harmony and back up techniques and how to take a tune and make it your own!  We will explore a variety of tunings and learn a variety of wonderful old (and some newer) tunes from many old time sources -including Uncle Norm Edmonds, Tommy Jarrell, Snake Chapman and more!  There will be opportunities to explore banjo-fiddle duet playing too!
Int/Advanced Clawhammer Banjo with Cameron DeWhitt

This class is designed for clawhammer players who are ready to up their playing and learn to play with more advanced techniques and repertoire.  For this class you should be able to play in a jam at a medium, in multiple keys (GDAC) and tunings (Double C, G and sawmill/modal), and be able to pick up tunes pretty easily by ear. The class will focus on building solid right hand muscle memory, (with an emphasis on drop-thumb and syncopation), simplifying melodic pathways, paraphrasing fiddle melodies on the banjo, playing outside the melody, and expanding tune repertoire. In addition, attendees will get an introduction to pitchfork banjo, Cameron's unique, three-finger clawhammer technique. 

Intermediate Old Time Guitar and Singing with Charmaine Slaven
This guitar/singing class is for folks who can already play the basic chords of G, C, D, F and E at a moderate tempo and who are looking to improve their skills for playing guitar with old time music to accompany a fiddler or an old time country song. Half of the course will focus on building interesting fiddle backup with bass runs and chord substitutions. The other half will look at Carter-style guitar to sing songs and play melody at the same time.  
Novice/Intermediate Clawhammer Banjo with Shona Carr
This class is for clawhammer players who are able to play at a moderate speed with the basic clawhammer bum ditty, and who are looking to start adding other skills and tunes to their repertoire.  We will be working on improving your rhythm and basic techniques (slides, hammer on's, pull offs, playing in G and Double C tunings, adding speed to your playing, adding chords, drop thumb, how to pick up melody easier and learn more tunes from the old time repertoire. 




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