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Staunton Old Time Music Camp


March 6-8

Int/Advanced Fiddle with Janie Rothfield 
This class is for int/advanced level players with 3 or more years experience playing and who can play at a medium-fast speed in a jam.  The class will concentrate on old time bowing and rhythm as well as different tunings.  You will learn a variety of wonderful old (and some newer) tunes from many old time sources -including Uncle Norm Edmonds, Tommy Jarrell, Snake Chapman and more!
Advanced Clawhammer Banjo with Riley Baugus 
This class is designed for clawhammer players who can play in a jam at a medium-fast speed, in multiple keys (GDAC) and tunings (Double C, G and modal tunings), and who are able to pick up tunes easily by ear. The class will focus on advanced right hand techniques, syncopated drop-thumb concepts, melody, harmony and back up with a variety of tunes and songs from the old time repertoire.




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