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Old Time Music Weekend Camp In Oxford, PA
January 17-20, 2014​

With Jane Rothfield (fiddle), Hiliarie Burhans (banjo) and Kellie Allen (guitar)

Early Early Registration-Register and pay before July 1st and get 20% discount ($95 savings)

Registration includes all classes and food from Friday dinner through Monday lunch


Title. Double click me.

Title. Double click me.


Old Time Music and Dance Workshop in Vancouver BC!

 Classes for fiddle, clawhammer banjo, back up guitar and Appalachian clogging


jamming with the instructors 

Friday Sept 8  House Concert with Bex Winnick, Janie Rothfield and WB "Bruce" Reid!

(all proceeds go to the artists) 

Saturday Sept 9 Workshop Classes/Jamming and

Student open mic

Small classes, fantastic teachers, delicious food

and tons of jamming!

Prices include 3 1/2+ hours of classes, snacks , coffee-tea, dinner, mini faculty concert, student open mic and jamming!

Limited Early Early Bird Pricing  (available through 8/1/2017)     $65 US

Early Bird Pricing (through 9/1/2017) $75 US

Regular Pricing   $85 US

Click here for Registration Page and additional payment details

This Jumpstart weekend workshop will be held in Vancouver BC in the comfortable home of Bex Winnick-within walking distance to the Collingwood Station.  The price includes all music instruction, jamming, Saturday evening staff mini concert and student open mic, dinner and snacks and beverages. We are happy to accommodate your dietary needs (provide dietary info on registration).

"I can't imagine a more ideal immersion into the old-time tradition than one of Janie's Jumpstart weekends. The collection of talented instructors, the small class size, the jamming opportunities, the bucolic setting, the great food -- see for yourselves. You'll learn a lot and have a ton of fun."  Paul O'Connor-clawhammer banjo (Oxford, PA Jumpstart)


This workshop is dedicated to Old Time Fiddle, Clawhammer Banjo, Guitar and Appalchian Clogging!  It’s a unique opportunity to learn from and spend quality time with great musicians and highly experienced and fun teachers.  Our goal with the Jumpstart workshop is to not only teach you great tunes, but how to play them better and have more fun!  By focusing on both technique and musicality, we will help you get your playing to the next level.

For those of you fiddlers, banjo and guitar players, this is a great time for you to get some rhythm in your body and feet by learning some cloggin steps. Playing for dancing is fun and great for your fiddling! 


Janie's Jumpstart offers small class settings of about maximum 8-10 students per instructor so there is a lot of attention to your individual needs. We make every effort to have the playing ability at the same level in your instrument class to ensure a wonderful and supportive learning environment. 


Music classes will be held for Intermediate/Advanced Level Clawhammer banjo and Intermediate/Advanced level Fiddle, and Intermediate Back up Guitar. 

PLUS Appalachian Clogging class FOR all!  Learn to dance, learn to play for dancers!


Feel free to contact JANIE directly ( if you are not sure if the class levels are right for you.  She will help answer that question for you! 


Students will have the option to participate in many hours of old time music jam during the workshop with staff and other participants. 

Accommodations are NOT provided. 

Questions you may have!

​Is this Janie's Jumpstart Weekend Camp for me?

This camp is for the Intermediate to Advanced level fiddler and clawhammer banjo players, intermediate guitarist and clogging for all abilities.  If you are looking for great teachers, small classes in a supportive learning atmosphere, attention to musicality, rhythm and tone, tons of jamming with staff and how to play the music you love BETTER, then this camp is for you!


The Appalachian Clogging class is for EVERYONE!

How will I know what class to be in?

We will make sure that you are in the right class by using information you provide in the registration form and by talking and listening personally with each student one on one prior to camp. Janie will contact you for a one on one assessment, as well as listening either on the phone, or via video and/or skype to make sure she knows your playing ability and learning style to make sure you are in the right level class.


Janie's Jumpstart prides itself on making sure the the people in each class are VERY CLOSE in ability so the class can learn at the same pace and skill. 


​Where is it?

This camp is at the home of Bex Winnick in the Collingwood section of VANCOUVER BC.  The address will be provided after registration.


When is it?  Saturday Sept 9 starting at 12 noon-11m.

What is the schedule (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)?

Saturday:    Doors open at 12noon

1-2:30pm     Class  1  Fiddle, Guitar, Banjo

3-4:30pm     Class  2  Clogging, Jamming, Wildcard class tbd

4:30-6pm     Open jamming

6-7pm          Dinner

7-11:30pm   Staff mini concert/Student Open Mic/Hosted Jamming/Snacks


Other questions?

If you have any other questions, please e-mail Jane Rothfield.  or Call Jane at 518-522-7445

Janie Rothfield

Fiddle and Clawhammer Banjo  Chilly Winds (Hen's Teeth)

Bex Winnick
Appalachian Clogging

Photo by Georgia Sheron

Georgia asked me if I could play the fiddle and click my heels in the air-I said "Sure" and I started walking down from the cabin playing St. Anne's Reel.  I heard Georgia say "2" and up I went! She got the shot as is-no photoshop here!


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