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February 3-4, 2018

Intermediate Fiddle

This class is for intermediate level players with 3-4 years experience playing and can play at a moderate to intermediate speed in a jam.  You will learn a variety of traditional fiddle tunes in different keys and alternate tunings, rhythm and bowing and those other nuances that are typical of traditional Southern style fiddling, chords and back-up, how to get great tone, play by ear and how to pick up tunes easier and quicker!  Since Janie also plays banjo and guitar, you will get a chance to play in an ensemble/band setting with arrangements and songs.

Novice-Advanced Cello

This class is for cellists of all levels who are interested in learning the techniques and musical approaches to use in a variety of folk and traditional music contexts, including American Old Time and Celtic Music.  Nathan will teach a variety of tunes, with a focus on rhythm and musicality, how to bring the music to life and find your own cello voice.  Nathan will work with you on percussive bowing (such as chopping and bow slapping), the cello as bass, and how to do more effective back up using double stops, chords and plucking.  These techniques are designed for using the cello not only as a lead melody instrument, but also as a flexible rhythmic or backing instrument in a variety of musical contexts!  You will learn how to really hear the music and play by ear.  The goal of the class is melody, timing, rhythm and groove!  

Novice-Intermediate Old Time Guitar

This class is for people who can play the basic chords of G, C, D, A at a moderate tempo and who are looking to improve their skills for playing guitar with old time music-accompanying a fiddler or a song. We will focus on helping you with your chord changes (adding in new chords and some substitutions for your old chords!), working on bass runs, and how to get more out of your right hand rhythm. 







Hot and Cold beverages/light snacks available all day!

Saturday Feb 3

9-10am                 Light breakfast/Orientation

10am-12:30pm     Class  

12:30-1:30pm       Lunch/Jamming

1:30-4pm              Class  

4:00-6pm              Snack/Jamming/Break

6-7pm                   Dinner

7-10:30pm            House Concert, Jamming/Snacks

Sunday Feb 4

9-10am                 Light breakfast/Orientation

10am-12:00pm     Class  

12:00-1:00pm       Lunch/Jamming


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