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September 9, 2017

Vancouver BC

Intermediate-Advanced Clawhammer Banjo

This class is for clawhammer banjo players who can play at a moderate speed, are familiar with playing in double C and G tuning, have experience with simple melody, basic chords and bum ditty rhythm.  In addition to learning a number tunes, we will also focus on improving rhythm, adding in drop thumb, various right hand "moves".  You will learn techniques including slides, hammer-on’s, pull offs, how to learn a tune by ear and play with a fiddler in a jam. 

Intermediate-Advanced Old Time Fiddle  

This class is for the fiddler who already has a good repertoire of tunes in a variety of keys and can play at a medium to fast speed in a jam. We will focus on more advanced rhythms, drive and phrasing of the bow, melodic intricacies including a variety of tunes from different regions including Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina. 

Intermediate Old Time Guitar

This class is for people who can play the basic chords of G, C, D, A at a moderate tempo and who are looking to improve their skills for playing guitar with old time music-accompanying a fiddler or a song. We will focus on helping you with your chord changes (adding in new chords and some substitutions for your old chords!), working on bass runs, and how to get more out of your right hand rhythm. 

Appalachian Clogging

Flatfooting (also known as clogging) is the percussive dance style associated with Oldtime music. Originating in Appalachia, flatfooting is a precursor to tap dance. Just like Oldtime music, flatfooting was influenced by Irish and African-American rhythms. 


Flatfooting is a fun way to add percussion to an oldtime jam, do some solo stepping during a square or contra dance, or just get some exercise and dance on your porch. Bex first learned to flatfoot from Charmaine Slaven of Seattle, and has been tapping along at house parties, dances, campouts and kitchen floors ever since. 

What shoes should you bring for flatfooting?

You can always practice the basics in socks or barefeet. As for shoes, the two main keys are "low friction" and "tappy." Low friction is the most important - grippy rubber soles are the worst. The best soles are hard plastic or wood. Metal tap shoes are acceptible but they are quite loud so it's best to get the metal taps replaced with wood. My first flatfooting shoes were bowling shoes, and those suited me fine for years. Cowboy boots are OK as long they fit snugly, but the tall ones are worse because they restrict ankle movement.


All levels, all ages. 





Old Time Music Workshop




Hot and Cold beverages/light snacks available all day!

Saturday Sept 9

12:00-1:00pm          Doors Open/Orientation

1:00-3:30pm            Fiddle, banjo, guitar classes

3:30-4:00pm            Break

4:00-5:30pm            Clogging Class/Socializing/Jamming

6:00-6:45pm            Dinner

7:00-11:00pm         Staff mini concert/Student Open Mic/Snacks/Jamming 



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