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November 18-20, 2016

Westfield, North Carolina


Novice Clawhammer Banjo Class 

This is a class is for the novice level clawhammer banjo player who wants a refresher with the basics of right hand rhythm (including drop thumb), help with playing simple melody and how to play with a fiddler in a jam. We will use a fun learn by ear approach designed to help you get the music and rhythm in your head, improve your musicality and get you playing new tunes and songs quickly!  You will expand on your basic “bum ditty” rhythm, learn chords, and a bunch of commonly played Old Time tunes and songs, so you can play in jams and have fun with Old Time Music! 


Intermediate-Advanced Banjo Class 

This class is for banjo players who can already play up to speed in a jam, who are looking to ramp up their playing to the next level and grow further as musicians. Estimated playing experience required:3-4 years and up. 


This class will explore advanced variations to tunes and songs with an ear for clarity, tone and detail.   You will learn many left and right hand techniques and tricks with slides, hammer-on’s, pull offs, triplets, more intricate rhythms and tunings.  We will also explore how to back up a fiddler with a variety of chordal and note techniques, how to play harmonies and lead melody and accompaniment to singing. These techniques will be applied to a variety of well known tunes and we will also explore  new tunes in a few special tunings to add to your repertoire.


Intermediate-Advanced Fiddle Class

The fiddle class is for intermediate players with 3-4 years experience playing. You will learn a variety of Old Time tunes in different keys and alternate tunings, rhythm and bowing and those other nuances that are typical of traditional Southern style fiddling, chords and back-up, how to get great tone, play by ear and how to pick up tunes easier and quicker!   








Please play your instrument often for 2-3 weeks prior to camp to build up calluses!

  • Strings

  • Capo

  • ​Audio/Video Recording Device: ipad, iphone, camera 

  • Electronic Tuner

  • Bow re-hair

  • Change your strings

  • Note pad and writing utensil




Jane class march
Betty class march
Anchor 26
Cathy class March
things to remember
November 2016 BANJO/FIDDLE

Hot and Cold beverages/light snacks available all day, everyday!
Friday November 18- 6pm Orientation/Dinner/Staff House Concert/Jam (Open to the public-admission included with Full Weekend Registration)


Saturday November 19

9-9:30am                 Orientation/Continental Breakfast
9:30am-12pm           Class 
12:00-1:30pm          Lunch break
1:30-4pm                 Class 
4pm-4:30pm            Break
4:30-6:00pm            Wildcard Classes/Socializing/Jamming
6:00-7:15pm            Dinner
7:30-8:30pm            Student Concert
8:30-10:30pm          Jamming/Socializing/Snack

Sunday November 20

9:00-9:30am            Breakfast
9:30-12noon           Class 
12:00-1:30pm          Lunch
1:30-3:00pm            Wild Card Classes/Jamming
3:30                           End of Camp  


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