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Class Descriptions for

Austin Texas Old Time Music Camp


This camp offers both Novice/Advance Beginner AND Intermediate level classes for Fiddle, Clawhammer Banjo and Guitar.


The Novice/Advance Beginner classes are for musicians who have either recently started playing or who want to revisit basic playing technique while learning about old time music.


The intermediate classes are for musicians who have been playing for 3-4 years, have the technique to be able to play at a moderate speed and who can learn by ear. 


Janie Rothfield-Novice and Intermediate Fiddle/Clawhammer Banjo

Janie's fiddle classes will focus on rhythm, tone, ear training, timing, and the techniques to help you play with more musicality and practical strategies for...playing BETTER!  In addition to learning a variety of traditional and modern Old Time tunes in different keys and tempo's, you will learn to play chords, back-up, some improv and maybe even make up a tune! 

The intermediate level clawhammer banjo class is for players who can play in G and Double C tuning, have the basic bum-ditty clawhammer rhythm and a number of tunes in their repertoire.  We will spend the weekend learning how to add more drive, rhythm, and musicality to your playing as well as learning chords, how to play better by ear and how to play with a fiddler!  Since Jane is an accomplished fiddler, the class will have the opportunity to play banjo/fiddle duets as well as play with a back-up guitarist for a real stringband experience. The repetoire will include tunes that are popular at Old Time Jams, as well as a few modern tunes and stringband songs. 


Janie tailors her teaching to each student’s individual way of learning with a combination of visual, aural and physical methods and techniques that will give quick and lasting result! Her class is always full of fun.  All tunes will be taught by ear and Jane will show you some great strategies for making that easier and quicker-especially in jams. Janie has a relaxed and cheery teaching style so while you will work hard, and learn will have fun, too.


Bill Quern-Novice/Advance Beginner Clawhammer Banjo

This class is for people who have little experience playing clawhammer banjo and for people who are looking to improve their basic skills.  Throughout the weekend, we will work on playing the bum-ditty rhythm, how to play chords for a tune or song, and a few favorite old time tunes that would be played in a jam! will get you playing quickly with her easy going approach and ability to teach to different learning styles!


Sarah Gowan-Novice/Advanced Beginner Guitar and Appalachian Clogging

Sarah will work with Novice/Advanced beginner guitarist to review the basic chords for playing in the keys of D, G, A and C to introduce guitarists to the fundamentals of playing back-up guitar for fiddlers, banjo players, singers and dances. We’ll explore right-hand rhythms, time signatures (playing for reels and waltzes), basic and alternative chords, and learning to play by ear!  


Appalachian Clogging for musicians-Sarah will offer instruction for beginning Appalachian flatfooting steps during "free" time throughout the weekend! You’ll Need: Clogging sounds best when wearing a hard-soled low-heeled shoe. If you have a favorite pair of dance shoes or smooth soled shoes, your lesson will be more satisfying, but it’s OK to come as you are.



Allan Carr-Intermediate Back up Guitar

This class is for guitarist who have the basic skills to play in the keys of G, A, D and C at a moderate speed and who are looking to improve their skills for playing in a jam, playing by ear, adding better rhythm and tone to their playing in Old Time Music.  

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