Oxford Old Time Camp


Oct 9-12, 2020

At Janie's Jumpstart, we strive to ensure that the students in each class are at the same level. Upon registration, Janie will be in touch to assess your playing via facetime/skype or video. This way, student and teacher will have an even better experience throughout the weekend because everyone will be very close to the same skill and ability.

Advanced Fiddle  

This class is for intermediate-advanced level players with 3 or more years experience playing and who can already play at a medium speed in a jam.   In this class, you  will concentrate on old time bowing to create rhythm and musicality in your playing. You'll also explore phrasing, ornamentation and a variety of wonderful open tunings.   You will learn a variety of wonderful old tunes from many old time sources.   

Advanced Clawhammer Banjo 

This class is designed for clawhammer players who can play in a jam at speed, in multiple keys (GDAC) and tunings (Double C, G and modal tunings), and who are able to pick up tunes easily by ear. The class will focus on expanding on your right hand techniques, syncopated drop-thumb concepts, and melody mapping/following the fiddler tips. In addition to learning a variety of tunes, you will explore playing outside the melody, chords and how to accompany old time songs.  

Intermediate Clawhammer Banjo

This class is designed for clawhammer players who can play in a jam at a moderate speed, in standard keys of (GDAC) and tunings (Double C, G).  The class will focus on expanding right hand technique and rhythm, drop-thumb,  learning new "moves" for expanding melody and rhythm and how to play with a fiddler.  This will not be a repertoire heavy class,  and we will learn a variety of wonderful tunes and apply your new techniques that will get you to the next level of your playing.  


Intermediate-Advanced Old Time Country Guitar and Songs

This guitar class is for folks who can play the basic chords of G, C, D, and A at a moderate tempo and who are looking to improve their skills for playing guitar with old time music to accompany a fiddler or an old time country song. The class will feature work on putting more drive and rhythm in your right hand, chord changes, bar chords, bass runs, playing in waltz time, and some pretty handy capo tricks. You will also be doing some singing and learn some great old time country songs.




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